Delta Force Improv presents Jay Soon and the Golden Fleece


Delta Force Improv Singapore presents

"Jay Soon and the Golden Fleece"

Before The Avengers. Before Guardians of the Galaxy...even before Facebook, there existed the heroes and heroines of Classical Greek myth and legend!

Myth and reality merge, as Delta Force Improv, Singapore's premier sketch comedy and long-form improv ensemble, presents, in Anamorphic Improv, a tale of High Finance, Love, Loss, Big Pharma, and a quest for the greatest prize of all!

Jay Soon is an in-patient at IMH (Institite of Mental Health) in Singapore. A former highly successful financial adviser at Colchis Investments in San Francisco, he lost all of his savings in the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, sinking deeper and deeper into depression and despair, whereupon he returned to Singapore to stay with family, slipping more and more into psychosis and delirium. Along with other residents at IMH, they embark on a mission to find the legendary Golden Fleece, believing the fleece will cure them of their maladies.

Jason is the son of Aeson and the grandson of the God Hermes. He is on a mission to avenge the death of his father at the hands of Pelias, and to reclaim the throne of Thessaly, which is his birthright. King Pelias convinces Jason that to regain the throne, he must first voyage to the Isle of Colchis to obtain the Golden Fleece, where it is the property of King Aeetes. The fleece has brought his country peace and prosperity; it was a gift of the gods and one he is unlikely to part with without a fight.

Audience members will chose randomly which GAMES will be played in each scene as well as offering suggestions that will inform and advance each scene. Scenes will shift from Jason's story to Jay Soon's at the speed of lightheartedness in this new long-form developed and directed by Phil Gruber.

You really don't want to myth this!

Tickets available from Peatix for $15
Tickets also available at the door for $20
Seating is limited for this very special performance.
Wed Apr 3, 2019
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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General Admission SOLD OUT $15.00
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Circular Road, #03-00 8b, Singapore Singapore
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